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ASCOM Healthcare Nurse Call Systems
– Telligence™, ProCare 6000™, ProCare 2000™, ProCare 1000™, and StaffCallPro™ – as well as their complementary software suites – Telergy™, ProCare Connect, and ARMSip – provide innovative system features, valuable benefits, and system expansion for today’s healthcare facilities. 

Telligence is a scalable system that allows you to select features to meet specific needs. Telligence systems typically fall into one of three general categories: 

1. Visual only nurse call systems do not provide voice communication between patients and staff. Call devices such as call cords or peripheral devices generate tones and activate dome lights to indicate that a call has been placed. Calls are annunciated at the nurses’ station. Staff members must cancel calls at the point of origin. This type of system is common in long-term care or assisted living facilities.

2. Visual and Audio nurse call systems add two-way voice communication between staff members and between patients and staff. Patient stations are wall mounted and have speakers and microphones. Pillow speakers enable patients to place calls from their beds and to hear the caregiver’s response through the pillow speaker instead of through the patient station on the wall. A staff member answers calls from a staff console at the nurses’ station. Low priority calls can be canceled from the staff console or at the point of origin. Mid-range nurse call systems are common in long-term care facilities and acute care hospitals.

3. Visual and audio, plus enhancements systems include mid-range functionality in addition to enhanced functionality, such as the following: 

    • Sending calls directly to wireless handsets and pocket pagers
    • Interfacing to an existing hallway paging system
    • Locating staff members via an IR location tracking system
    • Generating performance reports based on the nurse call activity data
    • Interfacing with the facility’s Admissions, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) system to display additional patient information at the point of care
    • Assigning patient care responsibility to RNs, LPNs, techs, or other staff members
    • Alerting caregivers by signaling their pocket pagers and wireless phones
    • Creating, storing, and sending text-messages
    • Viewing continuously updated information about staff assignments, staff locations, patient census, and nurse call activity.

Visual and audio, plus enhancements systems are common in acute care hospitals.

Versus Information System (VIS), is a proven real-time locating system (RTLS) that puts you in touch with your resources (people and equipment) the moment you need them for workflow optimization. By using infrared (IR) and active RFID technology, VIS streamlines patient flow and resource deployment to improve safety and efficiency while reducing costs. Versus pioneered the concept of patient flow management in clinical environments resulting in the most widely deployed RTLS for automatic patient tracking within ED, OR and outpatient settings. VIS operates as a stand-alone system, or easily integrates to nurse call, security, asset management, operating room, and emergency department information systems to enhance them with the power of real-time tracking.

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