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Enliven your meetings and add visual impact to your message with a video projection system. The Ascomnorth sales team will provide a free site survey to evaluate your video presentation, digitial recording, and surveillance system needs to design a system with the right features at the right price.

The Dukane Mobile Presentation System
(MPS) is one answer for schools, training centers or businesses that are looking for portable presentation technology.It is a mobile system that can easily be rolled to the desired location.The MPS includes a projector, document camera, speakers, DVD/VCR player, electrical power, cable connections, audio switcher, and more, all in a rugged metal lockable cart. The MPS can be wheeled from room to room providing your users the latest in presentation technology. When not in use, the MPS can be completely secured with all components safely locked inside the cartThe Dukane 3S7200 is a true multi-standard video to RGBHV scaler that converts composite video, s-Video, component video (SDTV and HDTV), VGA-through-UXGA, and DVI-D signals to these user-selectable pixel rates: from 640x480 to 1400x1050, as well as a user definable output mode. The machine also acts as a 7-input seamless presentation switcher. The 3S7200 digitally reprocesses the signal to correct mastering errors, and regenerates the video at a chosen line and pixel rate format, providing native-resolution video for LCD, DLP, and Plasma displays. The model allows scaling of any graphics resolution to any other resolution. It incorporates a unique graphics-scaling engine with image enhancement algorithms, which are built into the firmware. The Dukane 3S7200 is specifically designed to improve video quality by reducing Chroma noise. On top of that, it includes a built in Picture-in-Picture inserter, allowing the insertion of any video source into a graphics background and vice versa, as well as allowing the inserted image to be sized and positioned anywhere on the screen. The PIP can also display a Split Screen. Audio channels are switched in audio-follow-video mode. The unit can be controlled via front panel touch keys, Infra Red remote control, and RS-232. It features a user-friendly on-screen display for making the adjustments. The 3S7200 incorporates a full scale ProcAmp for video and audio correction and enhancement, and offers 3:2/2:2 pull-down. The 3S7200 includes a front panel lock and supports firmware upgrade via RS-232. It is housed in a 19: 1U, rack-mountable metal enclosure and uses a universal 100-240VAC automatic power supply.


The GANZ® Digi-Master Series is a powerful line of Digital Video Recorders designed to provide state-of-the art features, exceptional recorded image quality and ease of operation. With up to 1.5 TB of internal storage capacity, this series provides up to 60 days recording time at 704 x 480 resolution. MPEG-4 compression saves high-quality images with smaller file sizes and allows more efficient transmission over Ethernet. USB-2 ports and optional CD-RW or DVD drive assure quick and easy archiving.

EIKI, a leading manufacturer of ProAV projection technology for more than a half century, announced the new EIKI LC-XG400 Conference Projector. At 5,000 ANSI Lumens the LC-XG400 is for larger images, or brighter images in adverse ambient lighting conditions...The LC-XG400 delivers all the on-screen performance you'd expect from mature 3LCD imaging technology, too ... including vibrant color, advanced image scaling, and compatibility with analog and digital data and video sources up to UXGA and 1080i. 

FTR Reporter
™ is a digital recording solution used to capture, play back, annotate and manage audio of court proceedings.  FTR Reporter includes 
FTR Log Notes®, an electronic note taking program court employees can use to create annotations during live proceedings or while listening to previously-recorded audio, FTR Player Plus™, our premier audio play back program, and WordLink™, a Microsoft add-in that gives you the option of creating notes in Microsoft® Word. When combined with accessories and services, FTR Reporter is a total digital recording solution.

FTR Reporter helps courts improve productivity without requiring changes to existing processes and procedures, and without compromising accuracy. It's easy to learn and use, yet flexible and versatile enough to manage the digital recording needs of courts with venues throughout entire cities, or even entire countries.  FTR Reporter features "tape recorder-style" controls that are easy for court employees to understand and use. Essential features such as 4-channel recording, "confidence monitoring" and simultaneous archiving to a hard drive and a second location offer you the peace of mind that your court proceedings will be successfully recorded and safely archived. These are only a few of the many reasons courts throughout North America and 30 countries have chosen FTR Reporter for their digital recording needs.

Ideal for lecture and conference rooms, classrooms and churches. For value and reliability. DRAPER’S motor-in-roller design allows viewing surface to be centered in its one-piece white steel case for a trim, balanced appearance. The motor is mounted on special vibration insulators, so operating noise is dramatically reduced.


Professional Mounting Solutions 
Chief Manufacturing has more than 30 years of proven product and service excellence in the flat panel, projector, LCD, plasma and TV wall mount industries. Our Mounts, together with your Vision, generate world-class technology integration in projector and flat panel

The GANZ® ZC-D4000 Series domes offer full-featured performance at an economical price for indoor and outdoor installations.
Both models include Digital Day/Night, True Day/Night, and Wide Dynamic Range options.

Audio Systems Guide for Video Productions

This booklet is intended to help anyone involved with video projects improve the audio quality of their productions. It is not intended as a comprehensive study of the subject of audio. Its goal is to provide helpful tips, practical advice and a general knowledge of audio tools – all with the express purpose of making video productions as clear, understandable and impressive as possible.


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